The Magnum Wines Quality

Our Sommelier George unveils his philosophy and the way he built our wine list that is so unique and focused on quality :

"My mission is to distribute wines with a soul, character, wines that you will clearly remember. I tirelessly look for wines in all price points that are not only of exceptional quality, but also crafted by very talented and bright people.

My wines don’t win awards for their labels. It is the content that matters and always has mattered. I have been told by so many people - from restaurateurs to private customers to journalists and writers - that my list has a unique voice.

My philosophy is the passion to sell quality wines. I’m keen to encourage knowledge, stimulate enthusiasm and steer people towards an appreciation of what is good and I want to ensure that people’s experience of wine is full.

My wines are never brands; they are not available in supermarkets; they are not mass-produced in wine factories. They are, instead, largely artisan products, because I believe that quality derives from attentive and caring farming methods. Great terroir and selection of vineyard location, harvesting by hand, manual selection, low yields, minimal chemical intervention and observation of the natural rhythms helps to create the quality of raw ingredients necessary to make great wine - at every price level. I highlight those vineyards where sustainable or organic viticulture is practised and I now have a fair number of biodynamic growers as well in my portfolio. I like to think that all the wines I list reflect the peculiarities and strengths of the region and that every wine justifies its place.

My wine list is different: it’s a tool, it’s a way to understand the wines, it is intended to evoke, provoke and stimulate your palate as it brings you close to the spirit of the wine itself."