What Is a Vintage ?

Definition of a vintage

Usually written on a wine bottle, the vintage informs the consumer of the year of harvest of the grapes.

Vintage and wine quality

Contrary to what most people think, most wines are best when they are young and fresh, and we should not let them grow old. However, for some prestigious wines worthy of aging, the vintage is very important since beyond his age, he provides guidance on the quality of the wine.
For example, the price and the quality of the 1990 vintage of Bordeaux a good area will be much higher than the same wine in 1991. Indeed, 1990 was an exceptional year with a near-perfect weather, while 1991 was a year of relatively poor.

Specific case: wines from southern hemisphere

The seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere compared to northern hemisphere, consequently wines from the southern hemisphere (Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand) will be six months older than those from northern Hemisphere.