How To Correctly Serve Wine

Wine should always be served by the host

If the wine is served from bottle, the host has to pour the first drops in his glass. This may appear as impolite, but by doing so, the host will ensure that the wine hasn’t gone bad and may also get rid of cork particles. This also applies to screw cap wines and Champagne, as the taste might not be altered by cork only. However for a wine served in carafe such a ritual is not necessary and may even appear as rude.


Careful with the glass

The glass the wine is served in must be completely clean for several reasons: first the tasting experience starts with the eyes, which means that you should be able to examine the wine and assess its colour. The second step of tasting experience involves the smell; a glass that contains dust or any other foreign particles will spoil the nose of a wine and affect its aromas.
Last but not least, you should serve wine in stemmed glasses; a stem glass allows you to study the wine more easily, but also to hold it without warming it up.


A few words about temperature of service

The temperature of a wine is essential to fully appreciate it. A great wine served too cold won’t express the complexity of its bouquet; reciprocally Champagne served in ambient temperature won’t be as good as if it was served chilled.
A wine will behave differently according to its temperature of service. Be sure to properly prepare it beforehand.