How To Store Your Wines


About Storage temperature

The temperature must remain constantly fresh, preferably between 10 and 15 °. One of the worst places for storing a wine is the kitchen because of temperature variations.


Storage conditions

To be stored and be allowed to age properly bottles should be laid down so that the cork remains in contact with the wine. A dry cork will let the air come into the bottle and will cause oxidation of the wine. Bottles should be kept away from light, indeed sunlight and artificial light may warm wine up that will age too quickly. Finally wine should be kept away from vibrations.


Aging of wine

The aging process of the wine can be compared to the stages of life, words such as young, adult, mature are commonly used to describe the age of a wine.

Consequently, young red or white wines will behave according to their age: their color will be brighter and they will offer taste of tart flavors for whites, tannic or rough for reds. Thereafter, wine will be more difficult to taste and assess, it will offer opposed aromas: both flowers and fruit, leather and spices. this period is similar to adolescence: values of wine are not yet established. Then comes the phase of maturity that extends over a long period, white wines will turn into a golden color whereas red wines will reflect orange-red or red garnet color with flavors of flowers and spices.

These different stages occur variably depending on the grape variety, the wine making process and the generosity of the vintage.