How To Store an Opened Bottle ?


Wine storage

If you like drinking good wine regularly during your meals and dinners orif you open a bottle without completing it, the question of preserving the opened bottle arises.
The vast majority of wines lose their qualities oxidizing on contact with air, but there are ways to preserve their integrity


Wine storage systems

Systems which prohibit the air inlet:
The wine is contained in a pouch which gradually shrinks when the wine is racked. BIB system is the "Bag In Box".

Systems vacuum:
It actuates a quick pump mounted on a special stopper equipped with a valve for evacuating air in the cylinder

The injection of an inert gas:
An inert gas forms a layer above the wine which prevents contact with air. This gas is sold or integrated aerosol dispenser.


Tips and Tricks

Vacuum pump is the least expensive and easiest to use. The result is in any case much better than reusing the original cap. It is better to keep the opened bottle at a temperature not exceeding 14 to 16 °, you can even put it in the refrigerator to slow down the oxidation process (for red wines, be sure to remove the bottle from the refrigerator early enough so that wine can we served at the right temperature).

Another trick is to blow into the bottle, which will have the effect of driving the oxygen away and introducing carbon dioxide favorable to the preservation of wine.
Champagne keeps well for 3-4 days in the fridge (the bubbles contain carbon dioxide), provided with a special champagne recap cork. Sweet wines can also be kept fresh for several days.