Laubade, Armagnac


Since 1870

Arnaud Lesgourges

Château de Laubade was founded in 1870 in the heart of Gascony. In 1974 Maurice Lesgourgues bought this 120 hectares’ property in the Bas-Armagnac. At the time, the property had only 40 hectares of vines. It has, since then with its 100 hectares of vines, become the largest producer of Armagnac and the benchmark for the Appellation, with the biggest collection of vintages and the most rewarded Armagnac estate. In the last 18 years Laubade has won more than 60 medals (19 golds) in the most prestigious spirit contests. Laudade Intemporel No5 was elected best brandy of the world in 2007 San Francisco World Spirit Competition. The eaux-de-vie are aged grape variety by grape variety, year by year, and exclusively in oak barrels that are chosen from the forests of Gascony and prepared by Laubade's own cooper.

The Lesgourgues Family maintains a special relationship with trees: during the past 30 years, over 10 000 trees have been planted at Laubade: the lime blossom as the fidelity symbol is screen printed onto the bottle to magnify this privileged relationship.
Today, the vineyard, facing the Pyrenees in the middle of the Bas-Armagnac “terroir”, is looked after by the 3rd family generation, making it the noblest Armagnac of all.