La Coulée de Serrant


Loire Valley

Since 1977

Nicolas Joly

The estate is located in the commune of Savennières in the Loire region in France. The owner Nicolas Joly (born 1945) is a living legend, and is one of the leading pioneers of biodynamic winemaking. He is an economist by training, with an MBA from Columbia University in New York, and took over the estate from his parents in 1977. Inspired by the ideas of Rudolf Steiner, Joly converted the entire operation to anthroposophic guidelines. The vineyard area totals 15 hectares. This includes the monopole steep slope vineyard Coulée-de-Serrant (also called Clos de la Coulée-de-Serrant), a seven-hectare site first worked by Cistercian monks. This vineyard is classified as an own appellation Savennières Coulée-de-Serrant. The dry white wine Coulée de Serrant produced from Chenin Blanc grapes has become a cult wine. It is considered to be the best white wine of the Loire, and one of the best in the world.

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  1. Château de la Roche-Aux-Moines, La Coulée de Serrant, 2008

    Château de la Roche-Aux-Moines, La Coulée de Serrant, 2008

    AOC: Savennieres-Coulée de Serrant, Loire Valley, France
    Varietals: Chenin

    IWC 93

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